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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:10 pm    Post subject: Meat Market 2 Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download

Meat Market 2 Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download

Three diverse characters wander the zombie-infested wastelands until they are captured by a militaristic cult of brainwashed madmen.
More than a year after the events of Meat Market, the few survivors, Argenta, Nemesis, and others, struggle for survival against the undead in the ruins of what was once society. In their search for a safe haven they come across what appears to be the last refuge of humanity - a fortified compound run by former motivational speaker Bill Wilhelm and his cult of heavily armed fanatics. But when Argenta is subjected to indoctrination techniques and her comrades imprisoned, she begins to suspect that deep within the compound, more is going on than a simple attempt to rebuild...that Bill and his followers have more than one use for the living and the undead alike...
More than a year has passed since "Meat Market". The zombies have grown in number since we last saw the gang. The plot is not TOO shabby, yet it seems to take a secondary place to the gore. Blood, brains, maggots & grue are the order of the day in the low-budget splatter fast. And I for one am more then fine with that.

My Grade: 3 and 1/2 out of 4 bloody machetes

DVD Extras: 2 commentaries (Director & "bad guy"), Behind the scenes (about 18 minutes), trailers for this film as well as Binge & Purge, an interactive game (win and get 19 minutes of footage of "El Diablo Azul" acting like a third-rate "Triumph, the insult comic dog" at what looks like possibly the worst comic-con that I have EVER seen) , and still gallery
I love Zombie-Movies and I love amateur-productions. And Meat Market 2 starts really promising with a nice homage to Fulci´s Classic "Zombi".

So I leaned back and waited to be impressed. Okay, some of the makeups are great for such a no budget movie and some actors (the vampirelady and the cook) really stand out, but else there´s nothing.

I didn´t expect a new Romero here but there is not one sequence in the whole movie which has even a little bit of suspense or shock value. The director sure knows how to stage body rippings and interesting eating habits, but now (after two parts) it´s time to learn something more.

In MeatMarket2 Gore rhymes with bore - for me that´s not enough - sorry.

** out of *****


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